Armor Tutorials

FFXII - Ashe Leg Armor Tutorial

Berserk - Griffith Gauntlet Notes

Full Metal Alchemist - Alphonse Armor Notes

Berserk - Guts Armor Tutorial

Magic Knights Rayearth - Fuu's Items

FFXIII - Lightning Pauldron Notes

FFVII:AC - Vincent's Claw and Foot Armor Notes

Special Tutorial on Paper Mache

Special Tutorial on Wonderflex

Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Armor Notes

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2 responses to “Armor Tutorials

  1. lol I actually used glow sticks for lightnings shoulder piece. It wasn’t that well made though, didn’t spend much time on it XD. Nice work.

  2. For the hot glue method of making armor, is the material you put it on flexible? I want to make fran’s armor, but i also want to be able to move after i put it on/

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