Prop Weapon Tutorials

Devil May Cry - Dante's Rebellion Tutorial

Inu-Yasha - Sesshoumaru's Toukijin

FFVII: AC - Kadaj Sword Tutorial

Kingdom Hearts - Axel Fire Wheels Tutorial

Legend of Zelda - Master Sword Tutorial

Inu-Yasha - Miroku Staffhead Tutoriall

Magic Knight Rayearth - Hikaru Sword

Heavenly Sword - Nariko's Blades Notes

Kingdom Hearts - Riku Sword Tutorial

She-Ra - Lighted Sword Tutorial

FFVIII - Squall Gunblade Tutorial

FFX 2 - Thief Dagger Tutorial

Final Fantasy X - Brotherhood Sword Notes

FFVII: AC - Velvet Nightmare Tutorial

World of Warcraft - Blood Elf Daggers

Final Fantasy VII - Yuffie's Star Tutorial

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